RE: Problems relating to BGP configuration


I am looking at BGP configuration and related issues. I will be working on a
project to enable the same. I have read about the different
issues in BGP configuration however want a practical perspective to try a
nail down the issues.

The primary issues could be classified as relating to EBGP configuration
and IBGP.

1. How prevelant is the usage of route-reflectors for routing within the
AS or is confederation preferred?. Will the conversion from
fully-connected mesh to route-reflectors be useful? for eg. ( suggesting
the cluster with x number of clients and interaction with other route

2. Are the important issues in EBGP relating to
1. Policy configuration and detection of conflicts
2. effective aggregation of routes

3.Are there fixed templates on basis of which AS's could be classified.
for eg. Multihomed SIngle provider, multihomed multiple provider
So can fixed templates for configuration of these type of systems be

I would really apreciate it if I could get some practical insight into the
issues. I would also like to know if there are other more important issues
that I have missed out and any pointers towards reading material relating
to those issues.