re: problem at mae-west tonight?

The problem I have with the route server this evening is that I announce
my routes to the route server, and my policy configuration in the route server
reflects that I peer with Netcom, and so the route server tells Netcom how
to reach me. Unfortunately, packets leaving Netcom headed to me at layer 2
are going into a black hole. To fix this, I've had to dump my peering with
the route server entirely, so that Netcom is only seeing my routes from AGIS
(our transit provider) and not from the route server. Ugh. My fears about
the route server not knowing the status of the layer 2 topology have come true,
and there's no way to fix this that doesn't involve manual intervention.

-matthew kaufman

Well, I run gated on a BSDI box for the Hooked MAE West router. I'm
thinking about implementing a "pingnouse INTERVAL" option on the
peer/group commands in gated, so it will periodically ping next hops
received from the route servers and set the nouse bit if the nexthop
is unreachable. Any better ideas?

It would be nice to come up with a good mechanism for doing 3rd party
keepalives that cisco and other router vendors would be willing to