RE: Postmaster, hostmaster etc....

Summary (in no particular order, well almost :wink:
1. Sure do it, We will list you on RFC Ignorant,
  will you give me your domain list and save me some time?
2. Forward to the holder of the domain, bouncing webmaster and listing contacts on website in reply.
3. All Abuse to go to one account, disable none.
4. Consolidate, consolidate consolidate
5. Webmaster to client, postmaster to support, abuse to abuse with CC to client
6. Drop them, the smart user will do a lookup to the IP owner via whois.
7. RFC 2142 says you should have them.
8. Single accounts and SPAM filter the dickens out of it..

So this is the result we will work from:

ALL Postmaster will go to a single mailbox called postmaster
Webmaster will go to IT and remote office staff.
Hostmaster like postmaster.
Security like postmaster
Abuse like postmaster.
IP whois update to say other addresses.

SPAM filter set to Stun plus 5,
With spam summaries sent to staff once daily containing subject line, and
from address, and option to view / unspam.

Thanks to all that responded.....