RE: Please Check Filters - BOGON Filtering IP Space

Wash, rinse, repeat for the other 70,000 routers you manage for
customers... This is definitely NOT a half-rack in a colo fix. Just
contacting the customers is a feat.

In the same hand, do you know how hard it was to get in touch with
someone at SBC/SBC-IS/PBI/PacBell that knew what the heck I was talking
about -- much less someone that might be able to do something about it?
Every group wanted to point their finger at some other group in the

James Laszko
Pipeline Communications, Inc.

Sure, start with the customer and convince them that there is a problem.
SBC has, like
sprint/att/mci/qwest/abovenet/blah-provider-of-managed-services 12 groups
that do 'similar' things for 'managed customers'. Fighting their phone
tree as a non-customer is a fruitless effort. Fighting the phone-tree for
gov't agency #13 to let them know that some of their 'customers' aren't
able to reach them might prove simpler.