RE: password stores?

One common solution is a hash based on the cpe site name or some other
unique key provided by the cpe information (address, ph #, etc).
Changing the hash occasionally provides new passwords, and it is all
easily scripted..

Most burglar alarms in the US don't meet UL installation standards for
burglar alarms. Although the box is usually UL listed, and when configured
properly could meet UL installation standards, neither customers nor
alarm companies feel the need. Other than banks and museums, it seems to
be pretty rare. The most common variance is similar to the statement
above, although not as sophisticated.

Should we secure routers better, worse or the same as burglar alarms?

While I agree there are settings which are insecure, its seems like
we haven't figured out the optimum level of security yet. Which may be
less than what the experts think.