RE: Password Security and Distribution

Our company is starting to grow rather quickly and we are starting
to have growing pains. We are in the need for a better mechanism for
sharing passwords between our engineers.

I wish there was a system that let you do the following:

* Store and encrypt logins/passwords and access logs in a database
* Assign permissions (add new logins/passwords, change password...)
  to those passwords on a per user/group basis, based on an existing
  authentication scheme (Windows AD, LDAP, Kerberos...)
* SSL web frontend
* Reporting. If a user leaves and you want to know which passwords
  he had access to or has ever accessed so you can change them, this
  would be really really nice.

I've been playing around with Network Password Manager from
It seems like the best product available in this area that I could find that
makes sharing passwords kinda easy, but it's a service that runs on Windows,
requires a Windows client software installation, and lacks any sort of

BBN Planet had a nice application that did all of this. It was super nice. The only time you were in trouble was when you needed the password for the box that ran the application. (don't laugh! it happened to me once- but for some reason, i was precient enough to have it on a little piece of paper in my wallet)

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