RE: PacBell Security/Abuse contact

Pacbell’s Abuse/Security Depts are totally useless with regard
to assisting its own customers, let alone defending them.
For the better portion of a few months now, I’ve
emailed/called many times with regard to CodeRed boxes (On
their netblocks) and have yet to see them take any action.
Anyone I talked with there indicated, after giving them the offending IPs,
that someone would contact the customer and get it resolved. To date
nothing has been done. I still see the same anonying IPs looking for
codered stuff on my Apache systems. I won’t even get started about the
Caymen routers that have no password set on them, and the list of 30
of them I emailed to thier NOC/Abuse and a sales rep. That was over
3 months ago, and still they seem to be wide open, at least a few (I suspect
someone changed them, probably were hacked given this amount
of time.)
I can understand their wanting to keep their customers anonymousness,
but if they won’t followup with them to (in this case help themselves) erraticate
infected boxes that are on their business customer’s DSL, doesn’t that place
them in the area of liability? Don’t know, Just my 2¢s


One person I know that gets hit on his home box with CR and nimda...well, he
goes the extra mile and patches their stuff for them...and leaves a note on
the console. Doesn't SBC own PB now? Why not go through the SBC side
and see what you can shake loose?