RE: Overflow circuit

Alexei Roudnev wrote:
VoIP over satellite? I am very sceptical about it.
Better, forget such idea.

It works fine if the pipe is good enough (T1 class or better, what Joe's
talking about). Latency although not nice is not the worst problem
(which is jitter). In my experience aggressive QOS (priority queing) is
required if you share the pipe with data. One day for the fun of it I
even tried with DirectWay (el-cheapo consumer-grade satlink); for one
line in the wee hours of the night it worked fine. Forget about it
day-time though. But as long as you understand that your're not going to
get VOIP over sat for 50 bucks a month and it's correctly configured
you're fine.


Thanks for the answers about Voip usage over satellite (I did not know, that
it does not cause unacceptable delays and echo).
Responses (which I received) shows, that many people deployed such system