RE: Outside plant protection, fiber cuts, interwebz down oh noes!

Your right about having the right tools whats a manhole hook cost $50


Cones, hard hat, vest, and a hook (maybe a party light and a borrowed
ladder on your truck for good measure) costs under $400.

The real cost of the fiber is not the cable, it's securing the path
using underground or aerial construction. In our shop's mostly-rural
service area, that's over 80% of the cost of a build versus fiber
cable, splicing or CPE hardware. Urban areas is even higher

Of course providers need proper engineering and electronics to
maintain service coverage if somebody does cut your stuff. I can think
of a few shops where this is the toughest part.


I've had pretty good luck when necessary using a large screwdriver,
a claw hammer, or a small crow-bar.

I know others who claim it can be done with a spade, pick-axe,
etc. although I have not tested those implements.


Less than half that.