RE: Outage queries and notices (was Re: GBLX congestion in Dallas area)

[ SNIP ]

I think that these things are operational and belong here. Its'
the level that ras is talking about and the content. Saying
MCI has a massive fiber cut impacting 230 Congress IX vs.
GBLX is not doing what I demand are very different types of
outage posts.

My original post to the list contained nothing about any services I
expect with provider xxx. I asked if anybody else saw packet loss or

My follow-up posts contained the reason as to why I was posting this to
the list instead of to my provider, I then took it off-list with 2 other
posters and managed to get more info out of them then out of GBLX. I try
not to bash anybody because I know that doesn't really resolve anything
most of the time.

I'd like to see the higher level stuff we used to do and have some
sort of information along with it vs. "i see a packet drop in XYZ".
A prefix or something. That usually makes people go look.

I agree, it totally slipped my mind to provide that info. I just typed
up a quick post and sent it out.

Im my humble opinion I think this is Nanog content and that is why I
posted it. Most posters opinion of what is and what isn't appropriate
content varies. I love my delete key, if I don't think it's appropriate
I delete it. No harm done to me.

To each his own I guess.

Thanks to those that responded.