RE: outage/maintenance window opinion

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Behalf Of Luke Parrish
Sent: Wednesday, March 30, 2005 11:29 AM
To: Pete Templin
Subject: Re: outage/maintenance window opinion

In this situation we were expecting to be done for the
majority of the
maintenance window, but yes I see your point. However I block
out a 3 hour
window for maintenance because the activities I am performing on the
network could easily cause a longer service outage than
planned as we all
know. So if I plan for a 4 hour window but only expect 20 minutes of
downtime that actually turns into 3 hours, as long as it is
inside the
maintenance window specified then it should not go against
outage minutes.
It was done in the window for a reason...


I'd agree that as long as it's back up before the end of the window,
you're covered. However, if the outage extends beyond the end of the
window, I would take the the position that made me look worst. That
shows how seriously you take your maintenance window, and I think this
kind of integrity gives you credibility later.