RE: OT: level3 contact

> Can someone clueful at level3 please contact me about bgp. We are a
> customer, and phone calls and email have failed to get us a contact.'re a _customer_ and you can't get somebody on the phone?

'get somebody on the phone' or 'get someone with BGP clue on the phone'

Either and both. I'm sure L3 has people outside of their core engineering
group that understand BGP.

Ok, so maybe he's looking to start running BGP. I could understand not
being able to get somebody on the phone without effort when trying to get
things running the first time (but with multiple emails and calls, it's
still inexcusable). However, if you're already exchanging routes with
them, there's no excuse for not being able to get somebody who understands
BGP on the phone.


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The assumption here is that they are a current customer, with an active
connection, and have exchanged routes. We don't know any of that. Level(3)
is generally pretty responsive - if the guy on the phone doesn't know the
answer, they tend to be pretty good about finding out.

Maybe the original poster would care to share the resolution?


We were L3 customer a while back. We tried to get in contact with our
account rep for a couple of weeks with no results. We found out that L3 had
laid off most of their sales staff and had decided to focus on wholesale
sales. Our 'new' account manager later told us that L3 didn't want to sell
anything smaller than an OC3.

Now, that was about a year ago. Perhaps it's different now.


Customer install engineers industry-wide are always flakey at best. It
isn't in their job description to be on call 24/7 in case you have an
emergency late-night installation. Besides, it's scarey enough knowing
that they have enable.