RE: OSPF Network design

  Creating 9 different areas might be hard to manage, therfore I
propose that you may want to simplify this by clustering the remote sites
into provinces/states. A book that my collegue and I have been reading in
regards to our OSPF network design has been the Cisco - OSPF Design Guide,
or Designing and Implementing an OSPF network - Cisco.


Might also start with the OSPF Design Guide on the web:


Then move on to the great books mentioned. I am partial to Halabi, but to be honest, I have not read the whole Moy book, and his name is on the RFC.... :slight_smile:

If the sites are reasonably close together, you do not need that many areas, but it might not be that bad an idea either. If the b/w is congested on the WAN, you'll probably wanna keep the areas.