RE: optics pricing (Re: Weird GigE Media Converter Behavior)

Aha. It appears I was correct in framing my knowledge as out-of-date. :slight_smile:

It looks like the technology has advanced, and that 10GE on MMF or SMF, single-channel, is what the current state of the art is, and at the $2k-3k unit price.

In which case, yes, not offering this (and not building cards to use cheaper and/or more flexible component, ie XENPAK), is likely going to be a huge mistake Cisco. Unless they bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to make xenpak-based 10G cards, on at least some flavour of card on any 10G platform.

(I don’t really expect a xenpak-compatible version of soho routers to show up, although it would be nice as an option on most of their switch families.)

So, I sit corrected. :wink:

BTW, thanks for pointing this out; it’s nice to see that things haven’t completely stagnated in the last couple of years.


P.S. At that price level, I actually do expect another Swede will have, or already has, one or more of this class of box at home. In his WC, even. :wink:

P.P.S. He’s not crazy. But he should have a t-shirt that says “I’m with STUPI”. :wink: