RE: optics pricing (Re: Weird GigE Media Converter Behavior)

Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
4 port OC192 IR $1030k
Is there anyone who can justify this pricing
with anything else than "because we can?"

That's a heck of a good reason! Any for-profit business tries hard to
position themselves where they could name their price.

This pricing is consistent with the guesses/predictions that were
floating at the time of the product announcement; there was some
political will to have a million bucks line card (otherwise they would
have priced it at $999,950 ;-). This is Rolls-Royce marketing: if it's
so darn pricey it's because it's so darn good. Like Rolls-Royce cars,
the ones that buy them are typically not the ones that drive them, so
technical arguments tend to become irrelevant.


If the VSR card was $899k, the SR card was $999k and the LR card was $1099
you wouldn't hear any complaints from me.

It's the fact that Cisco is reselling optics (which is not their core
business as far as I see it) at a huge markup that is bothering me.

But then again, if other people want to pay a huge premium that's their
problem, I'm not buying it.