RE: Open-Source Network Management Tools

We have been using JFFNMS ( for the last 2 years and
works just great.
You can monitor almost anything you'd like to via SNMP (we currently use it
to graph Traffic, Drops, Input Errors, RTT, Packet Loss, CPU, Memory,
Temperature, TCP Connections, BGP, etc). And has email/paging capabilities.

Try it out and let me know.


In reality, to get best results, use some combination of few such systems.
All have string sides and weak sides.
(For example, snmpstat shows excellent network view, allowing to see exactly
what is going on, and shows good unlimited traffic patterns, such as average
packet size etc, have embedded tickets and reports, but have hardcoded set
of parameters so if you want something out of it's scope, it's not enough.
Others, such as nagual or cricket, allows to monitor everything but can not
system overview and do not have usage reports. )

Add in Nodemap ( as a way of gluing
things together too. Provides an overview (configurable level of
detail) and can be configured with hyperlinks to other places
(MRTG/Cricket graphs, site descriptions, etc)

  - mark

Yet one more new tool "Net-Policy" undergoing a lot of development.
It's designed to allow for any protocol to be used for data, but is
currently concentrating on SNMP (for collection, distribution and
events). It's a role/policy based system which means easier
conceptual management. Highly extensible. Creating new network
connection diagrams to add into the system, eg, takes very little perl
coding. Screen shots available at .