RE: OMB: IPv6 by June 2008

we're off on the usual strange tangents. next will be whether
it is ethical to walk in your neighbor's open house if they're
running ipv6:-).

Why of course it is. Afterall, anyone should be able to engage in any
(group hug|rape) at any time of their chosing with anyone else. And if
you don't lock your door, barricade it, build a moat, with automatic
machine gun fire etc, well, then it's your fault that it happened to
you.. isn't it. Afterall, you dressed for the part by showing up with
your own 128-bit ball and chain. Except for the odd case where hugs are
actually being passed out.

Oh, sorry, was that too cynical?

ipv4 has some problems. the world has hacked around the major
ones with things such as [holding nose] nat. the ivtf came up
with a technically weak second system syndrome patch which has
yet to show enough sizzle to sell against the hacks to ipv4.
so the ivtf, a decade out, is trying to hack to make it work.
a shim on top of second system syndrome. i am not holding my
my breath.


market physics will say whether scaling issues with nat et al.
are sufficiently obnoxious to cause ipv6 to become sufficiently
attractive; no amount of conjecturbation <tm> here will change
that. if it becomes enabling and profitable, then folk will
deploy and move. if not, they won't. life is simple.

It is possible that outside NA deployment volume may change NA
deployment habits. We're already not in the driver seat with several
networking technologies as we previously were. Plain old economics. A

The real question is if and how operators should prepare for their
deployments. Some of us run a bit more than a mom and pop shop and when
massive infrastructures are being revamp where it would be nice if there
was a clear direction where to place bets. Short of saying "hey, it's
all layer 2, why do I care."

I guess I could always go pay a consultant for a "non answer". :wink:


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