RE: Nuclear power for POPs

We could probably fit one based on the old disimilar metal designs, but we
would be limited to non raised floor surfaces as the lead cabinets and lead
curtains would probably exceed the raised floor capacity limits. We'd also have
to supply some method of heat removal, since I doubt the heat radiation panels
would fit in any conventional data center space. This means we would have
to have some kind of active cooling system (of course requiring a uninteruptable
power system to make sure it's available 100%). In the mean time we could
document the effects of radiation upon network vendor hardware
equipment. Remember the old "internet could survive a nuclear conflict"?
Maybe we ought to combine it with that missile silo someone noted a few
months ago.


Cooling is not a problem, we have a guy that designed the cooling for the
Candu reactors. Al came up with a cooling unit for a portable high power
laser system for us awhile ago. He's got it down to convection driven
liquid nitrogen with a delta T of over 140 degrees in the size of a pop
can. If you can spare 18" in a regular telco rack in the POP , you could
put 4 - 8 such units in.

Tim Gibson
Skyscape Communications