RE: NTP, possible solutions, and best implementation

  > Beware the single point of failure. If all your clocks
come from GPS, then
  > GPS is the SPOF.

  Can you describe what would be involved to cause this sort of single
  point of failure to fail?


just me wrote:

- Antenna failure
- Radio failure
- Unforseen GPS protocol issues

Except that as I read it, "all your clocks" meant more than one NTP server at more than one location. I'd guess the probability of complete failure is much lower in that case. Further, Cisco at least, recommends using at least 3 NTP sources to help maintain sanity on the equipment using the NTP. The bug you reference by the way, is on a page dated from 1999. I'm not sure of the relevancy now.
Does anyone on the NANOG list actually deploy standalone equipment ???

My two cents.

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