RE: Non-Portable ip blocks become portable (was - Can a Customer take their IP's with them? )

William Leibzon wrote:
Not an ARIN example but when KPNQwest went out of business,
the situation was as you desribe and it would have been
difficult to everybody to quickly renumber so their PA
assigned customer ip blocks with assistance of RIPE became
PI blocks (at least this is how I understood it, people in
europe can correct me if this is not right). So the
precidents do exist, but they involve having RIR take over
the block.

You forget to mention something here: people knew. Even if you were
stupid there's no way (if you were a KPNQwest customer) that you could
have missed there were in trouble. But that's only for starters: when
they did fold, a very large part of the staff continued to operate the
network with no pay for days to keep customers up. Kudos to ex-KPNQwest
network dudes.

So, your ISP has been in financial trouble for a while. For the last two
weeks the only reason you were up is because some dedicated people kept
the network running on life support on their own time and money. If you
begin your renumbering effort by the time you lose connectivity, you
deserve to go out of business.

Same applies to AS25653: if they're stupid enough to sign a contract
that basically say they can be kicked out within 45 days _and_ not
prepared to move out within 45 days or so, they're too stupid to be in
the ISP business. Period.

I have plenty of customers that are "locked-in" with IP addresses. Their
upstream does not leverage the fact that they do indeed hold the
customer by the balls, because said customer a) pay their bills and b)
do not spam.