RE: Nexus 5000 with 4G FC module - initialization ?

You need to turn on fcoe support with the configuration command "feature fcoe". You will also need the appropriate license for fabric services. But even without the license you should be able to enter fc commands. They just won't work until you add the license. Without the"feature fcoe", the interface type won't even show up in command help. There are other storage fabric related services that you may want to turn on with the feature command as well.

Brian Dantzig
Senior Network Engineer
Medline Industries

This did the trick. After enabling "feature FCOE" the ports show up!
It might be important for some others. With the regular "show interface" the Nexus only show the Ethernet-ports. You have to do a "show interface brief" to see the FC-ports aswell.

Anyways.. it is still a question for me if everybody wants to have FCoE when FC only is needed?

Thanks for your fast help