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@ On Sat, 26 Apr 1997, Karl Denninger wrote:
@ > Anyone trying to take "COM" and point it somewhere else will find that they
@ > have created a class-action lawsuit with 1,000,000 plaintiffs -- all the
@ > people who you instantly disconnect that have COM domains.
@ I think most people interpreted Paul's statement as meaning that if IANA
@ directed them to continue providing the .COM domain services from a zone
@ file that was not issued by NSI, then they would do so. With the emphasis
@ on continuing the service, i.e. making sure that all 1,000,000 .COM
@ domains continue to operate properly.
@ > Anyone trying to STEAL NSI's COM zone (to appropriate it as their own) will
@ > likely find themselves on the wrong end of a monstrous lawsuit, not to
@ > mention potential felony theft charges.
@ Just how did NSI aquire ownership of this .COM zone when it was all
@ built with public money under the authority of the National Science
@ Foundation. Since when does the NSF give away free monopoly franchises?
@ > The Internet isn't your little playground, and it does not belong to Jon
@ > Postel, Joyce Reynolds, and Bill Manning.
@ >
@ > Those are facts.
@ It is also a fact that the Internet does not belong to NSI or Denninger.
@ The real question is, which individuals and organizations take their
@ positions of "public trust" seriously and which ones are attempting to
@ leverage such a position into lining their own pockets?
@ So far, Postel, Vixie, et al., are the guardians of the public trust
@ and all those who are lined up in opposition to them appear to be more
@ concerned with lining their own pockets than anything else.
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