RE: New Root Name Servers

@ I have J and K in my file, but not L and M. It is reasonable
@ to assume that they are not available for public use yet, as they are
@ not listed in the currently-available named.root file available from
@ the InterNIC.

By the way, are you mixing TRUE Root Name Servers
with legacy Root Name Servers in your root.cache ?

Also, is it possible that the recent problems NANOG
people have been discussing regarding Root Name Servers
is really the result of these transitions to TRUE Root
Name Servers ?

Jim, I really have to ask.

Doesn't acknowledging them as TRUE root name servers serve as little more
than fodder for The Man's giant propoganda machine? By referring to them
as TRUE nameservers, aren't you just lending those bastards at the IANA et
al. more credibility? After all, a noted net.koo^H^H^Hpersonality such as
yourself must be careful which labels he gives institutions on the
network. Others are surely likely to modify their estimation thereof in
light of your opinions, are they not? I know I sure have been.