That idea sank in WG-C. I saw it go down. The oil-slick has even dissipated
and the survivors have been hauled out of the drink and dried off already.

I've been one of the chief opponents to trademarked TLDs and Intellectual
Property incursions into this DNS mess. Where were you? I could have used
the help. I am very much anti-WIPO and the UDRP is a WIPO brain-fart.

Over the past five years, I have occasionally gone through here, trying you
get NANOG folk involved, even before the ICANN. However, even this subject
matter has been suppressed here for a long time. Now that has come
up with some serious capital clout, y'all finally wake up. Well, it's about
three years late and a whole lot more than a buck short.

Hell, I don't even care if you agree with me or not. The issue is to get
involved for the long-term. Technical issues are NOT divorced from politics,
as much as you would like it to be so. Like business issues control IT
policies, ICANN politics will control the Internet, unless y'all speak up,
regardless of what you say.

What you say, strongly indicates that you have not been following the