RE: New NAP Opening in Miami this week

I'd venture a significant portion of Florida is a mere 32 feet above sea


Very little in Florida is much above sea level, especially in coastal areas.
32 feet is plenty to avoid flooding, and the building is extremely solid,
and is certainly capable of surviving a storm surge. Of course, the many
structures in between the NAP and the beach would help with that as well.
It's not like the facility is actually on the beach. It's about two blocks
from the Miami Arena.

- Daniel L. Golding

actually, 32 feet isn't bad. i grew up in a house in St. Pete that was
17 feet above sea level, and we never had any significant flooding


The highest point in Florida is 345 feet (Walton County).

Mountain climbing anyone?

Mountain climbing?!? That's more like pulling in the driveway in North
Georgia. :slight_smile:

-Jim P.