RE: New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

From: Paul A Vixie[]
Sent: Monday, September 16, 1996 9:44 PM

Rather than "educate the enemy" via public discussion, I think it would


best if those capable of contributing to solutions to this problem:

1. Collaborated in private
2. Developed a consensus "I-D"

If a solution is developed whose effectiveness is not weakened by making
the details public, it can be published. If that is not the case, the
solution can be made available in private to "known entities".

Make sense?

No, I don't think it makes sense. Aside from the lawsuits targetting you
for conspiracy if you don't include everybody who needs the ongoing


results in order to stay in business, there is NO solution to this that
depends on any kind of algorythmic privacy.

Paul, since you have stepped forward to risk lawsuits from blacklisted
spammers, it would only be fair for one of the rest of us to accept
liability for this one. Where do I sign up? :wink:

I hope you are right, as the public discussion clearly is very