RE: New Denial of Service Attack on Panix

Rather than "educate the enemy" via public discussion, I think it would be
best if those capable of contributing to solutions to this problem:

1. Collaborated in private
2. Developed a consensus "I-D"

If a solution is developed whose effectiveness is not weakened by making
the details public, it can be published. If that is not the case, the
solution can be made available in private to "known entities".

Make sense?


There's no way to tell all the good guys from all the bad guys.
If one "bad-guy" get's on the "good guy" listthen you've just lost all
adavantage of having the "private" discussion. And in the meantime
you've shut out all the guys who are "good" but somehow not on the "good
guy" list.

--- David Miller

Agreed. CERT has followed this theory with poor results.