Re: netflow in the core used for surveillance

Hi, all.

Re: last week’s thread on the Vice article -

I can only speak for Kentik, and we don’t resell or give 3rd party access to NetFlow data from our hundreds of customers. And never have.

But there is definitely interest out there. We do get approached about it periodically and always say no. Mostly by commercial vendors and not (at least directly) by governmental bodies.

Of course, our customers could in theory share their data via API key, or by using our outbound streaming firehose. But I’ve never talked to a customer who wanted to share their flow data with a 3rd party. Usually by far the opposite.

The closest thing to this that our customers do ask about is re: aggregate community views, which people could contribute to to help themselves and the community. While we don’t do this now, if and when we do it: 1) won’t be with raw data, 2) will be opt-in only, 3) will be designed with customers and have open methodology; and 4) will be likely with synthetic test, BGP, device metrics, and other non-flow data to start.