Re Netflix Is Eating Up More Of North America's Bandwidth Than Any Other Company

NAME five consumer-grade commercial off the shelf products

Proof: go to, select the 'digital cable' channel line-up for
'Comcast areas 1, 4 & 5' in zipcode 60640 (chicago north side, lakefront).
and check the comcast channels in the range 340-379.

lol comcast. All bets are off.

I'll simply ask, _which_ of those channels will have that extra data stream
that the head-end inserted? That the cable compmany doesn't know, or care,
about, and *how* does it survive the de-multiplexing and re-coding that the
cable company did?

I'm in agreement with you already, I said on digital the b/w had
already been consumed making it financially unviable. If you paid
they'd leave it alone.

You apparently have no idea how 'digital TV' is delivered by all the major
cable companies in the U.S. -- demultiplexed, and transcoded to QAM with
each video stream on a separate QAM channel. I don't see any _possible_
way for an additional data stream to survive _that_, without explicit
intervention/support from the cable company.

They make their own choices overiding the original broadcasters. Net
neutrality is old.


Proving that you're *purposefully* not having the same discussion we are.

PDFTT, folks.

-- jra