RE: Need BGP clueful contact at Global Crossing

If there are any BGP clueful contacts at Global Crossing listening


if someone listening wants to forward this to them :-), I would
appreciate your getting in touch.

Out of curiousity, why do you think anyone here on NANOG would be

willing to bother the

clueful contacts they know at provider (X) based on an email like this?

It's absolutely


Having been on both sides of an issue like this one, I'd much rather see
polite requests like the original requestor, rather than a 10 page dump
on why provider X is severely borked. Good netiquette, seems to me.

so NANOG becomes a paging service with no vetting process? if you need
people to tap their contacts because you've exhausted every other
avenue, you're gonna have to at least explain, if not prove, why you
need someone else on this list to go out of their way to put you in
contact with someone (grammarians can hit me in a private email for
that sentence).

and who knows, in the process of reading that 10 page dump, perhaps
someone on the list can not only point out the real problem to you -
but put you incontact with an even more appropriate contact. seems
more efficient for everyone involved, to me.

10 page dump is excessive; but a one or two line
"I'm seeing bad advertisements from AS ZZZZ at the following peering
location" goes a long way to explain what the need and urgency is
around the issue.