RE: NANOG Meeting

@ Jim Fleming supposedly said:
@ >
@ > Will the Root Name Server Confederations be
@ > discussed at the upcoming NANOG meeting
@ > where Michael Dillon is giving an ISP tutorial ?
@ >
@ > @@@@
@ In a word: no
@ (Of course there are many good laughs had by all when someone comes up with
@ the latest joke)
@ ----> Phil

Since NANOG is promoting the education, hopefully
people will be informed that Mr. Michael Dillon has strong
views on some of the various leading edge movements on
the Internet. He has also been one of the major advocates
for the IAHC. The IAHC has not followed through with
registries as promised and now we have brokers out there
pre-registering people in Top Level Domains that do not
exist and do not have TLD Name Servers. Mr. Michael
Dillon has supported the actions of these brokers and
claims they are providing a useful service.

Does NANOG support that kind of activity ?