RE: NANOG Digest, Vol 30, Issue 50

> other news (that seems to have attracted little attention)...
> 73000 Internet "sites" where shutdown by somebody, for something.

Blogetery Shutdown Due To al-Qaeda Info - Slashdot

The single host/box had bomb making info and hit lists. Yeah, I'd
shut it down too if it was on my network.

Joe Hamelin, W7COM, Tulalip, WA, 360-474-7474

As would any reasonable operator.

I'm pretty disappointed that an article of the Moon Battery's very low caliber is considered by anyone to be news, especially news worth citing on NANOG. These malformed packets should have matched a mental drop rule, or at the very least, invoked a 'reputable news source' query.

Or, as our icanhazcheezburger friends would say... I can haz obvious political agenda?

Nathan Eisenberg, Atlas Networks

Or maybe it would have been better to not destroy a known source, and work with the FBI to maximize its value.

Cutting it off like that was short-sighted and stupid.


This tread is starting to sound less and less operational, or maybe
I'm just old and jaded and its to out to care. You wonder if maybe
his legal dept or own moral views felt its wasn't worth the risk of
some joker doing something "BAD" with the info so that the FBI could
get involved.