RE: NANOG Changes

Hi Gadi,

Gadi Evron wrote:
Please read the below text in full, if you are going to read
any of it. I use a lot of cynicism to get my point across.

Same here. Besides cynicism, I also use (and possibly abuse) sarcasm.

I haven't been involved with the NANOG reform initiative,
and haven't really commented on it, as I liked what I saw
and am not really that involved with NANOG politics - and
that's just how I like it.
However, I can't ignore some of the things I am seeing
lately from the outside, hence my comments, which are mine
alone and stand as opinions others don't have to accept.
Also, I may be wrong. Replies I received, especially from
Steve, satisfied me originally. No longer.

FWIW, I am interested in hearing more about the "no longer" part.

I believe in Merit's wishes, good will, hard work and promises.
I really do.

For the record, I do not believe in wishes, good will, promises, rumors,
buzzwords and the list is too long to go on. I believe in results.

hard work.

I do believe in this one. It does not mean that I like it, as I prefer
napping on the beach with nothing to do to working, but I do believe in
this one anyway. If anyone has good tips on how to achieve the same by
napping on the beach instead of hard working, please speak up!

And I am willing to give them time and working-space.

Same here.

Thing is, we seem to be missing something.
Martin Hannigan, an all around good guy, seems (to me) to
have made a snag at management, hiding behind the reform.

I could have written this myself. For the record, these are my own words
posted on nanog-reform 3 days ago:

"This will be perceived by the innocent bystander as follows: Martin
wanted Susan's job and got it through backroom maneuvers in the dark."

Can't argue with my ill-formed and un-informed feelings
(or any feelings for that matter), right?

Whether your feelings are ill-formed and/or un-informed is not relevant
to me (also valid for my own feelings, BTW). Paul Vixie and William
Allen Simpson have recently worded better text than I could about this.

You can explain to me, how this is not the case and I am making
stupid deductions, based on facts you did not yet easily provide
- that has yet to happen. I wonder why. Please give me facts that
will burn these weird ideas our of my skull.. please.. I *want*
to see the light.

I'm afraid I want to see the light as much as you do, not the one
carrying the light.

Now, I don't really mind the reform or Martin doing it, I just
don't see how it is "visible" beyond us just being "told" about it.

My point also.

When I am *told* about something, I go to conspiracy theories,

This reminds me that I have to have a good talk between me, my ego and
my subconscious mind about conspiracy theories. Do you have two other
guys in your brain too?

and then to investigation. I am paranoid, it's my job.

If you don't mind my asking, is this a _paying_ job? If yes, I wouldn't
mind a copy of the application form :slight_smile:

You don't have to like my opinions or listen to me. But me and how
many others have these mis-conceptions? Please share with us few
idio... ignorant fools.

I would have written:
"idio^H^H^H^H ignorant fools."

Enlighten us.

As mentioned earlier, I am not the one carrying the light. I expect Sue
Joiner to shed light soon though.

"Provisional" [government] is way too "un-declared" in my
opinion. Please "define" what "provisional" means. Also,
I am overly uncomfortable about the lack of visibility from
the offset. Visibility is the main "thing" Merit promised.

Gadi, you are preaching the choir.

[This sounds weird to me as much as I expect it does to you; not only I
do not know of everyone that actually has preached a choir, it does not
appear to me that you could be one of these. Nevertheless it is a very
common English/American sentence; non-native English speakers, google is
your friend]

Now, I don't personally know you, but I doubt you would lie
about this. However, I also know Martin to be a good an
honourable guy, so I'd suggest you post the email messages
that disappeared, here, and let us decide if there is

The messages that have disappeared have been forwarded to Sue. I am
happy to forward them to you if requested, but I would ask the same
favor I asked Sue: don't trust me and cross check with someone else that
has received them. IMHO, the posts themselves (save for William's one, a
"technical casualty" me thinks) are as relevant if not more than the
fact they have "disappeared".

and indeed Martin is an asshole, or if you are just a troll who
sends out accusations without proof to back them up. No offense..

None taken.

just being honest as I don't know the facts and I form opinions
based on what I do know and feel when such facts are not provided.

This is an honorable position.

Any replies sent to me that do not refer to the full text will
be ignored, as taking sentences out of context here is way too
easy, and I'm too tired for yet another flame bait.

I believe I did not remove any. If I did, or have further questions,
please say so.