RE: Multiple Roots are "a good thing" - Karl Auerbach

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Sent: Sunday, March 18, 2001 12:01 PM

The correct way to fight against a DNS root controlled by someone you
don't like is not to propose multiple DNS roots, but rather
to campaign for a democratic root.

That campaign has been on-going for quite a few years. It continues to go
nowhere. The rest of us are begining to get fed-up with the anti-progress.
Kent Crispin repeatedly claims that ICANN is a corporation and not a
democratic entity. In this case he is correct. I disagree with him that this
is a desired outcome. Crispin and Crocker are of the opinion that
(non-democratic) status quo is acceptable.

Auerbach's proposal is not
technically sound and
is political suicide.

As someone who spoke with Karl before he wrote that proposal, there was a
lot involved that wasn't published.