RE: Multi-link Frame Relay OR Load Balancing

Depending on your area, DS3 isn't necessarily cheaper than 8 T1s. I
know in some markets, I have to buy 16 T1s from Bell before it matches
their DS3 cost. It just depends on the tariffs.

I've never used MLF before, just MLPPP, but in my experience, MLPPP
works for my customers better than load-sharing. The only problems I've
seen, and I'm working one this morning, is that Cisco has its usual bug
issues. I had one customer on 12.3(6) and there's about 19 known bugs
between 12.3(6) and MLPPP, a lot of which aren't resolved yet. One even
made you reboot if you added or deleted a T1 from the bundle or the
MLPPP bundle wouldn't come back up.

Diane Turley
Network Engineer
Xspedius Communications Co.