RE: MPLS in metro access networks

I would think faster switching/routing and less processing would be wanted
in any mid-to-large sized network...I'm not sure what load balancing and
fault restoration has to do with MPLS....


And I'm not sure what faster switching/routing has to do with MPLS:) I
believe one of the ideas behind MPLS benefiting metro access networks is
using MPLS to deliver layer 2 VPNs across an MPLS enabled core thus
simulating leased lines for access clients...but I'm sure somebody will
correct me if I'm wrong. There seems to be some hype for Martini draft VPNs
and large enterprise customers in metro areas.


-Michael Cohen

heh. The myth that MPLS is, operationally, somehow "Faster" than standard IP
routing can be chalked up to our friends at various hardware manufacturers.
MPLS, for MPLS's sake has caused only network instability, rather than
enhanced performance.

There are a few good applications for MPLS in the metro - Layer 2 MPLS VPNs
are one of them.

Keep in mind - many of the metro gig-e providers hyped MPLS for purposes of
pleasing analysts and VCs, rather than any technical benefits.

- Daniel Golding