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Sent: Friday, October 31, 2003 11:18 AM
To: Daryl G. Jurbala
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Ah, you are a member of which bar? :slight_smile:

I knew that one was coming :wink: Actually, I mentioned in my last reply
that I happened to be on the phone with my contract attorney after I
read that post (on a completely unrelated issue.....I don't normally
burn attorney fees on NANOG threads ;). I asked him about it


If I sell something to you that binds you to certain terms
and conditions, are you saying that you can resell that
someone else who is not bound to at least the same terms and

Yes, it's possible. It's a grey's not quite selling
something you don't own, but it's close. The guy I was talking to
didn't know of any specifics where someone had actually been burned by
this, other than getting slammed by their upstream.

And that I would have no ability to enforce the
terms and conditions agreed to by Cust X on the use of the
service by Cust Y?

That's the legalese part....NO, you have no remedy against your
customer's customer. Only against your direct customer. That's the
point I was trying to make about the agreements not being transitive in
that way. I'm told that specific legal point significantly adds to the
bulk of reseller agreements (although I think it's because the attorneys
get paid by the word).

OK...that's enough OT for me.