RE: .mil domain

Let me say this:
I am former military.. Worked in Military IT.
AND worst case situation, use
Or if not that bad.. Call the public affairs officer at the branch
of service..
Tell him you need help, tell him to put you in contact with the
local Info systems type. and away u go..
I wish I still had the DoD and BoS NOC #'s but I don't..
If you want to complain to a US Military net admin and just find one, well
it is not for lack of contact info.. It is lack of trying.

And yes I have sent stuff to the military.. Recently got a huge nessus scan
and DoS attack attempt from a military block..
went to that services web site and found the Info systems # on the web..

We used to say a Marine was not happy unless he had something to complain
about... But it is the same for most all of us.....

just my 10 cents worth.. Inflation ya know...


Lazyness is just the act of being tired before doing the work....

Your escalation route goes to the OSD-CIO (Office of Secretary
Defense) in the 5-sided building. That was Art Money's office but
I don't know if he's still there. I'd cc: the Inspector General
for whichever branch as well...and the FTC.

In other words, when one can't get a response, check with NANOG. :slight_smile: