RE: [Microsoft to ship new versions with firewall enabled]

while i think many of us will welcome this, i am skeptical of what
the firewall will be 'enabled' to block, and how easy it will be
for the user to set-up rules (and hopefully there will be a sanity
check included so that 'permit in any' is not a valid option, but
then 'permit out any' should not be one either)
but still, it is a step...

Perhaps the better idea would be to ship a stripped down, basic OS for about $25.00 a license. Then offer up all the bells and whistles on a pay per download option. I think this one simple step alone would aid in reducing security issues on the OS. I would hazard a guess that a majority of users will NEVER use (or need) all the built in functionality currently included with the OS.


Disclaimer: My own two cents.
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