RE: Microsoft spokesperson blames ICANN

Sorry, Jim; I think it's not that much of a stretch. They said that
(a) it's a DNS problem, (b) they don't understand the cause, but (c)
they don't manage the DNS, ICANN does. OK -- the problem is
in a piece they don't manage, so they're not at fault. But ICANN
*does* manage it (or so the direct quote says). There's a decent
implication there that the manager is at fault, though not
(of course)
a direct statement. I would also note that the article
quotes De Jonge
as saying "The *Internet's* Domain Name System (DNS) does
does not return
the correct response when it is queried for a Microsoft Web site"
[emphasis added]. In other words, it's not *Microsoft's* DNS
it's the "Internet's".

You overlooked the prime facae error. ICANN most certainly does NOT manage
the DNS. The US Department of Commerce does. That's actually been proven in