As somebody mentioned today, an AP wire story came across this morning
that MFS is _buying_ UUNET for $2 billion. Shareholders are looking at
getting 1.78 shares of MFS for each of their shares. Apparently, they
got 62% of the voting shareholders to agree (ie: who owns a couple
of large chunks of UUNET?).

Remember that Microsoft already has their claws into UUNET for 13% :slight_smile:

According to the Internet Millionaire's Home Page:

Rick Adams, Chairman UUNT 4,875,000 $279,703,125
Microsoft UUNT 4,164,000 $238,909,500
Menlo Ventures, VC UUNT 3,229,698 $185,303,922
New Enterprise, VC UUNT 3,229,698 $185,303,922
Accel, VC UUNT 3,210,320 $184,192,110
New Enterprise/Barris, VC UUNT 3,229,698 $185,303,922
Menlo Ventures/Jarve, VC UUNT 3,229,698 $185,303,922
Accel/Patterson, VC UUNT 3,210,320 $184,192,110
John Sidgmore, Pres & CEO UUNT 1,244,100 $71,380,237

Ain't infotechnology fun :slight_smile: