RE: MCI Accepts Worldcom's Bid? ; charset=us-ascii

This would mean that Worldcom has a very large percentage of the Internet traffic. Does everyone think they will let this go through, without breaking out the Internet part of the deal? What about selling the InternetMCI portion off to someone to keep a balance of carriers of the Internet traffic and not let it be controlled by one company? I can think of few companies that could buy the InternetMCI portion, but do they want in the game? I would think a few of them are forward thinking enough to know what that could mean. So, who will start the biding, anyone with 4 or 5 billion, laying around? Several....

Gary Zimmerman

It will go through, many of us have talked to DOJ to try to get them to
not let something like this go through, but I dont think they will stop
it. It is ok, I think it will be easier for me to build a backbone
provider if they are one company. If they sell it off, I need to watch
Worldcom and internetMCI if they are one, I just need to watch Worldcom.