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The big difference between Lycos Europe, and a script kiddie with
zombies is that Lycos is mature enough to use restraint and not knock
down websites with brute force. They're attempting to use the
politically correct "grown up" way to attack someone: economics.

I didn't know there was a politically correct way to create a
BotMonster and rule the Internet by emminent domain.


Yeah, that's exactly what they're doing! It's a plot to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. You figured it out!

It's about giving the spammers what they want: More traffic to their websites. How can it be wrong when they send out 1 million emails that all say "click on this link" and 1 million computers actually click the link? Who's in the wrong there?

Besides: "rule the Internet by emminent domain." Isn't' that Verisign's job?