re: Major outage

Speaking of network outages, I wanted to make sure that you were aware of
the following. The FCC's Network Reliability and Interoperability Council
(NRIC) has recommended a one year trial voluntary period of ISP outage
reporting to NRIC. NRIC is a Federal Advisory Council that exists pursuant
to the Federal Advisory Council Act to provide advice and information to the
Federal Communications Commission. It was set up to look at reliability
issues in the public telecommunications network (how to keep the PSTN
reliable in the face of hurricanes rolling up the east coast, etc.).

NRIC's report recommending ISP outage reporting is suppose to be released
today. The following is from the NRIC presentation on October 14 (full
presentation available at - Focus Group III - Oct 14 meeting):

Focus Group III
PJ Auduskevicz

n A voluntary trial is recommended with participation by service providers
of CMRS (Commercial Mobile Radio Service), satellite, cable, data networking
and ISPs to alert NCS/NCC of "widespread outages" that have significant
public impact.
n A process for reporting data during the voluntary trial including what
report fields need to be populated and time frames for filing reports has
been addressed and will be included in the Final Report.
n Industry associations should provide an informational notice to their
members to inform them of the voluntary outage reporting trial and encourage
their participation.
n Analysis of the data from the voluntary trial should be done by a neutral
party similar to the analysis conducted on wireline carrier segments.
u At the completion of the voluntary trial period (minimum 1 year) an
evaluation of the effectiveness of the data for usefulness to participants
and the FCC should be undertaken.

Data to be held confidential (potential FOIA exemption may be needed in
order to facilitate participation in the voluntary trial).

. . . . .

ISPs Alert Situation Criteria: A failure that would cause a loss of
service to a large number of customers for 30 minutes or more. Outage
examples: A DNS failure

Focus Group III will place its proposal online for comments. The comment
period proposed is as follows:

Reports posted on FCC web site Nov. 23
Comment period for NRIC members Nov. 23 - Dec. 7
Comment period closed Dec. 7
Reports revised as appropriate Dec. 15
Final reports available on FCC web site Dec. 16