The message I got was that a contractor tripped a breaker, the UPS was
run down and out of juice and the generator took a while to kick in.
The power outage took out Gigaswitch #1, effectivly dropping the whole
MAE. When power was restored the switch had a memory problem that
wouldn't allow the config to load. Memory fixed, config loaded, but now
there is still a problem with a switch port (#4, MFS said) that has kept
six of our peers down. A couple of suggestions/observations:

o Monitor the UPS so it doesn't run out of juice.
o Reconfigure the Gigaswitch topology so that one loss
  doesn't take out all peers.
o MFS call handling at the customer service center was
  good, considering the number of calls they must have
  got. Shirley even took the time to call me directly
  with an update. Cool. Maybe MFS should consider
  a mail server that would send out periodic status
  updates to subscribers?