RE: Load balancing in routers

Does anybody know what are load balancing algorithms
by most routers ? Where can I more information about
this ?


oh hey, does anyone on this list know how to make
cars go faster for most makes/models? heh, j/k ;>

you might want to check out rfc2991 and rfc2992.

"most" routers are cisco routers, and they use
cisco express forwarding for next-hop forwarding
decisions along with ospf/isis/eigrp/bgp4/etc. this
is commonly known as load balancing or load sharing
or equal cost multipath (sometimes abbreviated as

cisco and other vendors have more information about
how they do ECMP on their websites. I believe you
can search their websites for even load balacing
and come up with the information that you are looking

if you are looking for source code that you can compile
and play with, try