RE: Level3 tries cell-phone style billing scam on customers

Anyone else seeing this same behavior from Level3?

We're going on three months of trying to get billing
issues resolved; and yes, no way to talk to a real
person anymore, nor are there any sales reps left
that have any interest in talking to their customers
as far as I can tell. If it weren't for positive
experiences with tech support, they would be Verizon.


Peer1 has a similar charge but actually labels it "LA
Telecommunications Surcharge" or something to the effect.

(David: Sorry for sending to you personally at first instead of to list).

Anyone else seeing this same behavior from Level3?

Orthogonal to this discussion, Level(3)'s support, while never great
shakes compared to the exemplary service that I used to get from
Looking Glass Networks, has in recent months taken a sharp turn for
the worse. 52 hours for callback on hicap circuit outages,
technicians who can't read the ticket ("call only between 0600 and
2300 EDT; site contact needs to sleep too"), and just general apathy
and ennui more appropriate to an old-line incumbent (oh yeah, billing
screw-ups too) have brought my dissatisfaction to record levels.

Residential T-1 which I've had since 1996 - canceled yesterday. I'll
suck it up on the MSS lossage and tunnel my stuff over a cablemodem.