[Re: Level3 routing issues?]

> Again, but why does it talk to the outside world unsupervised? Your
> organization clearly has a border that separates its internal systems


> external ones. Why not apply those restrictions on *those* borders?

From inside the organisation to outside, yes, ish. Except all those SSL


on random port numbers. And other protocols which use random port numbers
(not just peer-to-peer, but also things like FTP, etc).

But, we were talking about end-user connected into the inside network using
a VPN. That user needs to have pretty much unfettered access to the
business parts of your internal network. (Okay, mission critical stuff
should be seperately firewalled, but MS makes that hard enough, due to
things like Active Directory, where everything needs to talk to


and don't forget the fact that nearly every M$ service pack/'critical'
update changes what ports that program is using (exchange/outlook are
really bad about this)


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