RE: Level3 / Qwest routing issues earlier today?

Hi Guys,

     Was anyone else seeing anything weird going on today? I
have an OC-3 to Qwest, and another OC-3 to Level3, (among 2
others to different providers) and when all was well, I was
receiving a little over 221,000 prefixes from L3. Then,
intermittently I would start losing prefixes from L3 and it
would get down to a little over 220,000. When this happened,
I noticed I was having intermittent connectivity issues
(atleast to one IP I was trying to get to). Doing a
traceroute during the "outage" the packets would hit Qwest's
network, then L3's, then drop, or sometimes not. I have since
admin downed my BGP peer to L3 and everything has
stabilized, but I was wondering if anyone else saw anything going on?

I think there was something going on between Qwest and L3,
I saw the same thing with traffic coming from a network I
have equipment on which is connected with Qwest and tracing
to our home AS which has L3 amongst others. I set a
community for L3 to not advertise my prefixes to Qwest to
get around it. It appears back to normal now though, I
just tested.