RE: Level 3 - "legacy" Wiltel/Looking Glass bandwidth

We're not very happy with Level3 anymore either, terrible support, no
RFO is ever given, tickets are closed with no explanation at
all. They
bought so many providers close together that they have a lot
of work to
do to integrate everything into a workable set of products.

Haven't had any support issues, but we've had a billing
dispute that's been going back and forth for 14 months now,
yes, months, and during that time we've gone through three
different sales reps, the newest one brought on more than
three months ago and I've yet to hear from the guy.

Good times...


We were a former Wiltel customer that was bought out by Level 3. Wiltel service had been great, and then as soon as level 3 took over, things went downhill. We had GigE service, and wanted another line, but Level 3 said they didn't want to sell any more ports on Wiltel gear. We also had serious problems even when we tried to disconnect. They didn't have access to any of the Wiltel records, so they couldn't even tell who had ordered what. Big mess overall. I'm not going to be working with Level 3 anymore if I can avoid it, and I definitely wouldn't get in on legacy Wiltel stuff under Level 3.

Alex Thurlow
Blastro Networks